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As I’ve started developing this travel blog, one of the things I’ve struggled with is how to link to and share any photographic work that I post on my photography site (#shamelessplug That site is purely for fun – photography is strictly a hobby for now – meaning I don’t have any grand plans of trying to make a living off of it.

My current thought process is that I’ll share a larger number of pictures here (e.g., some of the ‘touristy’ shots that help people see what a location is like), not just the finished products that I would normal post as more ‘final’ work. I’m sure I’ll occasionally cross-post between the two – but haven’t yet figured out a set of guidelines for myself as to when I will / won’t do so. So far – I don’t have many people following both sites – so cross-posts won’t be annoying. Yet. Eventaully, that could be an issue.

Anyone out there have multiple blogs with topics that occasionally overlap? How do you deal with it?

Others – any thoughts on what would be good / bad as a reader? (perhaps I do a weekly wrap up on this site of any shots I’ve shared elsewhere that people might find interesting?) Would love to get any thoughts or reactions now – as well as any feedback in the future as I start my travels and am posting more regularly.

For now – expect it to be a bit all over the place, but hopefully I’ll strike a balance that most people enjoy!



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