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Even though this blog is still in development, and I haven’t even started my trip, I had to at least post that I’ve booked my first flight! A few things fell into place, meaning I could leave as soon as I could get a decent fare, so for $840, I now have a one way ticket to Auckland departing Chicago on November 7th!!

I’m so excited to get to NZ and start exploring and planning future phases as well. A bit of nerves certainly kicked in right before I hit ‘purchase’, but I know it is all going to work out and be an amazing experience!

Now, only minor things to do like: Get NZ Visa, figure out what the heck I’m taking, get to the UK and back before then (long story…), etc.

More to come soon…

Bonus points if you guess the emotion conveyed in this image

I’m feeling…


  1. Comment by Lis:

    Just double check the visa requirements – I think you may need an onward ticket to get into NZ depends on your passport. Give me a shout if you are not sure how to get a good airfare out of NZ :-) (BTW you need a plugin that allows me to tick a box that says “notify me by email for follow up comments” :-)
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    • Comment by Steve:

      I’m getting the Working Holiday Visa – so I either need an onward ticket or enough funds to buy one in the future (which is my plan). And thanks for the note about email signup – had totally missed that. Should be there now :)

  2. Comment by Ayngelina:

    Congratulations! I love NZ and often thought about working there.
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